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What can I upload to my CollegeBriefcase account?
-If you would like your file to be viewable on the internet, then the file must be a web safe file (such as JPG, GIF, HTML, MOV, MP3s, MIDI, ect.). More advanced file forms such as PHP, mySQL, CGI and ASP require the AdvancedBriefcase.net option. If used as a data back up option, CollegeBriefcase can take any data type file.

Do I need to be at my computer to access my CollegeBriefcase account?
-No, you can access your account from any computer with an internet connection.

What if something happens to my site that I can’t fix?
-We have a dedicated support staff that is ready to support your needs should they arise. Help is only an E-mail away at support@CollegeBriefcase.net.

I want to use a CGI file to allow users of my site to e-mail me with a forum, but it’s not working, why?
-The use of CGI requires the AdvancedBriefcase.net option. This service is not yet available, but we hope to have it up and running shortly.

I have an image on my website that lodes perfectly on my computer, yet when I loaded it to my account, the image is not showing up. What’s wrong?
- There are multiple possibilities for an image failing to load. First make sure that you uploaded the image. Second make sure that the full image has been uploaded, occasionally there may be a problem with your connection and the full image will fail to load, or you may be out of disk space. Third, make sure that the URL for you image is correct in your HTML document. Sometimes web authoring tools will leave a hard coded pointer in your code that will point to a file on your computer. Make sure the URL points to the internet address of the image.

How long does a subscription last?
-Our subscriptions last for a year.